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Promoting Your Beauty Salon

Promoting and advertising your business isn’t a new concept – poster adverts, TV and radio adverts and newspaper ads have been around for generations.  The modern business can still access these and also add to them a host of new … Read more

Working out your target market

The best way to ensure you are maximising sales for your business is to make sure you are communicating the benefits of buying from your business to your target market. This means getting the right message, to the right people, … Read more

Are you ready for post-Christmas sales?

As we head into the holiday period, and all the work you’ve put into your business’s Christmas preparations comes to fruition, it’s important to make time to ensure your business is prepared for the post-Christmas sales rush.

Whether your focus … Read more

Working around the weather

When it comes to advertising your business, printed, outdoor banners give you a chance to display your brand, logo and company name to a number of passers-by and more importantly; prospective clients.

However, one of the concerns faced by businesses … Read more