How to design a PVC banner

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Designing a banner for your business can be difficult. These important pieces of advertising can attract customers from far and wide; and if designed correctly, they can provide a considerable return on investment.

One of the most important things to … Read more

What’s the most affordable way to advertise your business?

Advertising your business effectively is vital to ensure you can run and grow your business, increasing your return on investment and profitability. There are numerous different advertising avenues including print, online and public advertising, each with their own advantages depending … Read more

Working around the weather

When it comes to advertising your business, printed, outdoor banners give you a chance to display your brand, logo and company name to a number of passers-by and more importantly; prospective clients.

However, one of the concerns faced by businesses … Read more

Promoting your local exercise class

If you’re looking to promote your local exercise class, an effective banner is an incredibly useful tool to help you increase attendance and publicise your class. Whether your class is general keep fit, a dance class, aqua aerobics, tai chi … Read more

Celebrate Good Times with a Banner!

Banners aren’t just perfect for use in sales and advertising, they also make a great way to celebrate those special moments in life! From weddings, to milestone birthdays, to festival fun, we’ve looked at the ways you can use a … Read more

Are vinyl banners waterproof?

If you are based in the UK and are thinking about putting a banner up outside, it is more or less essential that is able to withstand a bit of rainfall. External advertising not only needs to be clear and … Read more