If you are based in the UK and are thinking about putting a banner up outside, it is more or less essential that is able to withstand a bit of rainfall. External advertising not only needs to be clear and easy to understand, but also needs to be able to resist stormy weather. If you think your outdoor advertising is likely to take a battering, then a vinyl banner is your best option.

Why vinyl?

rainVinyl, or PVC, banners are made from high quality materials that are rip and tear resistant – perfect for winter storms and strong winds. Vinyl is a waterproof material so you don’t have to worry about your print running or fading, and with plenty of fixing options, you can secure your product so it won’t blow away in strong winds, or droop in wet weather.

For areas with especially strong winds, mesh vinyl banners are well suited. They will allow heavy winds to push through without damaging it. Vinyl mesh is flexible, so it will stretch with the wind and still retain its original shape.

How to protect your banner from the elements

lightningThere are various ways to ensure that your vinyl banner is as undisturbed by the elements as possible. If you can attach it to a flat building, preferably under a roof, you will find that your banner is protected to some extent from wind, rain and bright light. If you don’t have this luxury, tether it as tightly as you can to fixed objects that will stop it flapping too much in the wind, which can lead to tears.

Useful tips

Whatever material you opt for, make sure you use inviting colours, clear fonts, concise copy and a clear call to action. You may need people to view your banner from some distance, so make sure that it is readable for those who are further away.

Big Value Banners print high quality vinyl banners that are suitable for use during all weather. If you’d like more information about our products or would like to place an order, browse our website. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a member of our team, you can 01939 260 377.

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